Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World Ten: Duke Nukem Forever

Well...I never thought that I'd actually be saying this, but Duke Nukem Forever is on its way to a final release. After years and years of being vaporware, it has finally materialized into a form that works and has been shown to the public. I remember being excited for this game back when I was way younger...I think the year was 1998, or somewhere around there anyway. The first trailer had come out, and already the game looked amazing. It displayed the interactivity with the environment that Duke Nukem 3D had established, the action that had come to be a staple of the series, and the proper attitude with hilarious things like riding a camel and, of course, polygonal, scantily-clad women. How could it possibly go wrong?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Retrospect: Journey to Silius

Journey to Silius is one of those hidden gems from some of the later days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. I don't mean a shitty gem that's good because of how bad it is...I mean like the purest, sparkling ruby you could possibly ever find in a...stack of rubies I suppose. It's one of those games I always go back to when I want to play a solid, classic action game, and I never regret my purchase.