Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's a Metroid kind of week!

Two things have cropped up about Metroid this week that I feel like I should re-post on my blog:

1) This article over at IGN about how awesome Super Metroid is. Clearly this panders directly to my gaming heart, considering the fact that Super Metroid is perhaps my favourite side-scrolling game ever. It's just a short blurb about what made Super Metroid so damn good...and rather than getting myself all gushy about it, I'll let the article do all the work this time and save even more of my Super Metroid sentiments for a later time :P

2) The Teefury shirt today is Metroid themed, and I snatched it up within mere moments of seeing the design:

It's only up for the rest of today, so be sure to get yours here! Pray for a true peace in space!!

Coming soon, I'll have a feature about the Dead Space series, which will hopefully be relatively interesting. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project Cafe?

If you've been keeping up on video game news like a good little nerd, you'd have heard by now that there are some rumours and information circling the internet about something called Project Cafe (i.e. Nintendo's next console).

It's interesting that news has come out now regarding a successor to the Wii, particularly after a few execs of the Big N had been questioned about the next console just recently, and mentioned that it wasn't in the works for now. Clearly they've been playing things down, as it seems that a fair amount of juicy info has been leaked across the net from multiple sources (third party companies and the like.) Here are the basics:

Endurance Mode: The Hunt for Red October

This is a new feature that I've been meaning to tackle for a while...the reason why I haven't until now is simply because I've never wanted to even look at or try the source material for it. Endurance Mode is titled as such because I play a shitty game and either beat the living snot out of it, or see how much crap I can take before I stop playing. For the first EM entry, I've chosen The Hunt for Red October for the NES.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are video games a form of art?

A good while ago, an article surfaced that was written by Roger Ebert himself, titled "Video Games Can Never Be Art". Later on he posted another entry detailing his reasons why he shouldn't have made such a claim in the first place...there are far too many differing opinions on what is considered to be art, and so his argument fell apart as a result of many people believing otherwise. "Art" as a definition is always subjective and dependent on who is defining it. I guarantee if you go and ask 5 different people what art is, they'll all respond differently and you'll be stuck right where you started...scratching your head, without a definite meaning for the word.

The Smithsonian has recently put a poll out to the people of the world, as they are creating a new exhibit for the museum to be revealed in March, 2012. I was very happy and also quite surprised to find out that it's going to be an exhibit about the art of video games. On the website, one gets to choose from different video game eras and consoles in order to decide which video games are the most important ones...the kind that belong on display in a museum. A lot of people may scoff at this kind of idea but I certainly do not, so seeing this little poll pop up again gave me incentive to finally write an article about my thoughts on the situation.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Megaman Article on IGN

Saw this a few moments ago and thought I'd post a link to it. An IGN editor's discussion about why he considers Megaman 3 to be better than Megaman 2, which is widely regarded as the best NES Megaman entry. I found it was definitely worth a read to see his opinion, and although I personally find MM2 to be the better game overall, I know a few people who would agree with his statements. Hell, even I think some of them are pretty valid...but it's not enough to beat out MM2. Check it out!

Mega Man 2 isn't the Best Mega Man Game

...And checking it twice.

Just a few days ago, I decided to start a list of video games that I've played. I'm not sure why I wanted to do this...I guess it was mostly just to keep track of my gaming experiences and also for nostalgic purposes. After trying to remember all the ones I'd played, and using some handy lists to help spark my memory, this is what I've come up with. Here is a complete inventory of every video game I've played...EVER. A few things I should mention:

a) I've likely forgotten a few.

b) These are just games that I've PLAYED, not necessarily finished. Some I have not beaten, others I've only played once, and still others I've played through a ton of times.

c) There will definitely be more to come, but I'm not gonna update this list every time I play a new vidjagame.

d) I may have missed a few when I counted these up as well, but I know I'm in the ballpark: 910 games in total, last I checked (April 9th, 2012).
- EDITED: April 9th, 2012 - added 19 games to the list.

Now, on to my tally!