Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's a Metroid kind of week!

Two things have cropped up about Metroid this week that I feel like I should re-post on my blog:

1) This article over at IGN about how awesome Super Metroid is. Clearly this panders directly to my gaming heart, considering the fact that Super Metroid is perhaps my favourite side-scrolling game ever. It's just a short blurb about what made Super Metroid so damn good...and rather than getting myself all gushy about it, I'll let the article do all the work this time and save even more of my Super Metroid sentiments for a later time :P

2) The Teefury shirt today is Metroid themed, and I snatched it up within mere moments of seeing the design:

It's only up for the rest of today, so be sure to get yours here! Pray for a true peace in space!!

Coming soon, I'll have a feature about the Dead Space series, which will hopefully be relatively interesting. Stay tuned!

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