Saturday, June 11, 2011

New sidebar stuff

Just wanted to point out that from now on, I'm posting a list of all of the video games I've got on the go over in the right-hand column under "Currently Playing". This allows for two things:

1) You guys can see what the heck I'm up to in the wide world of video gaming as of late!

2) I can keep track of what I'm up to, because sometimes I forget about everything I've started up.



  1. American McGee friggin' rocks. He's been in the biz since the FPS was born.

    I'm guessing you're playing Alice in anticipation of the new sequel??

  2. That's correct. I haven't played it in it's nice to go through it again. Such a weird game, but the atmosphere was really nailed well and the style is very well done. It really still holds up quite well, even today. Actually, it even runs on my Windows 7 without me having to do a bunch of administrative crap, as with Quake III Arena! That was a welcome change.

    Alice: Madness Returns comes out on Tuesday...same day as Duke. Although I'll be busy with DNF for a while ( all around the net aren't looking too good, and even a good few of the SA Forum Duke fans have lost faith :S ), I think I'll pick up Madness Returns as well. Maybe the week after though or something. Playing through Alice again has really made me more interested in the sequel, particularly the art direction...can't wait to see what they do with it.

    Plus, you get to use a giant Pepper Mill as a Gatling gun! SOLD.