Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gaming Grads!!!

Myself and a friend have gathered up some gear and decided to have some fun spreading our horrible personalities across the vast plains of YouTube. We're basically gonna play some manageable games together while ripping on each other's gaming performances, make cracks about the game content, and generally just have a damn good time and (hopefully) be entertaining for you people as well!

We just uploaded our very first video for our playthrough of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards this evening. If you like it or are easily manipulated, be sure to subscribe and get the latest updates on the channel! Share it with your friends and spread the gaming joy!

Check out our channel right here!

Enjoy it, and if you have any comments be sure to post them. We have tons of games to choose from and can likely get our hands on more...any suggestions are welcome!

- Adam


  1. LOL promising new format Adam... although you are way to nice in that program... you are usually much more of a dick... just saying...

    1. Just you wait! Probably just stage fright for now :P


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