Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August happenings!

Hey everyone,

There are two links that are currently keeping me intrigued and will continue to do so until the end of the month. Figured I'd relay them quickly!

Siglemic's Super Mario 64 world record attempts - This man is insane. For the entirety of the month of August, speed run streamer Siglemic is constantly running through Super Mario 64 for 12 hours every day to claim the world record. On the fifth day, he already broke the record time and now holds the top place...but he's STILL running through the game over and over to try and make his time even faster. If you wanna see a pro speed run, be sure and check this link out...I've cued the stream up a few times and everything I've seen has been absolutely mind-boggling.

Cheetahmen II Kickstarter - Back in the days of the NES, a cartridge known as Action 52 was created. It contained 52 games and cost $200, claiming to be $4 per game. Turns out every game on the cartridge was a piece of shit with only one exception...Cheetahmen. It was still pretty bad, BUT it was playable and actually had some promise. However, it sure as fuck didn't justify buying a 200 dollar cartridge full of mostly horrible abominations.

Cheetahmen II was created shortly thereafter, but never actually completed nor released to the public. Luckily (or unluckily, perhaps) 1,500 copies were found in some random warehouse circa 1996 and began to be circulated through the gaming community second-hand. The cartridges for it were the same as Action 52's but with a small gold sticker on the front that read "Cheetahmen II". Getting your hands on one of these babies means you need to cough up a hefty sum of money, and a factory-sealed copy is worth even more. The game isn't even beatable, since it glitches on the 4th level and denies you access to the rest of the game.

THANK GOD someone wants to finish this game up, package it in a classic NES cartridge titled "Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels" and sell it to retro gamers everywhere! That "someone" happens to be Greg Pabich, a video game entrepreneur since the NES first made its way over to North America over 25 years ago. There's more history between this dude and Cheetahmen than I plan on writing here, but suffice to say he's interested in getting this classic, infamous game into the hands of retro gamers for an affordable price. I'm keeping a close eye on this one, and it may wind up being the first Kickstarter I support. To quote James Rolfe on this one, I hope he gets enough money and backing to "shit the turd."

There's some neat stuff going on here, people! I LIKE IT!

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