Monday, August 6, 2012

I went through Hell Temple...

...and all I got was this...Provocative...Bathing Suit?



The last few days I've been using my spare time (when not going through FF2) to take down the hidden area of La-Mulana, known only as Hell Temple. It's called this for a reason, as it's the most frustrating part of the entire game, but certainly far from impossible. It just requires some patience.

You're lead to believe there's a big ol' treasure at the end of it, which is constantly referred to as "the treasure that should not be seen." Well, sure enough, your reward is a Provocative Bathing Suit, which replaces Lemeza's outfit entirely with a...strange piece of clothing. His in-game sprite is switched around as well as the one on the status screen, as you can see above.

Luckily, I knew about this troll move from the original version of La-Mulana and created a spare save before I picked up this atrocity. BUT, this serves as some proof that I made my way through Hell Temple and lived to tell the tale...while people point and laugh at my horrible clothing decisions.


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  1. Hi-fucking-larious! Got to love the game for making you actually expect something cool at the end lol Way to go La Mulana!